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Natural Baltic amber
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About us

UAB „SANISTON BALTIC“ was founded in 2005. From that day we successfully started our activity and kindly invited all the people to let the amber into them hearts. However, it is does not matter how are you going to do it: wearing necklace, to fasten a brooch to the sweater, having an amber elephant on the table or just having an amber stone in you pocket.

We actively participating in various local and international exhibitions: AmberTrip, Amberif, Ambermart and Rho Fiera Milano. It helps us to get new contacts and gain more experience. We are working with retail and wholesale in Lithuania and Worldwide.

All amber jewelry are made from natural Baltic amber. Carefuly selected amber pieces are combined between each other. We looking that the gems would look similar size and color. Amber is a natural resin derivative and for this reason is impossible to find exactly the same two pieces.

At the moment we are concentrated in jewelry making and selling, but despite that, we can offer souveniers, business gifts or raw amber stones for jewelers, artisans or collectors. Also we can offer baby teething necklaces, bracelets and amber dog collars.

We would like to notice you that amber has a special feature to reflect the light. For this reason it is very hard to make a picture where would be exactly color as in reality. It can look lightly different than in our catalog.

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